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Internet Ministries is not a business for commercial profit, but rather a true ministry of the Lord's church worldwide. On May 1, 1995 our global on-line network known as Church-of-Christ.org began its outreach to the world as the fourteen "Christian Gateway" on the Internet. Today we receive over 250,000 hits per day to our network, and our e-mail exceeds over 1,000 e-mail messages daily. The demands set upon Internet Ministries is greater than any Christian could ever imagine, and it continues to serve all Christians worldwide.

If your congregation would like to set up a Global Presence on the Internet, we can help by immediately placing your World Wide Web Home Page on our Network for a small annual fee. We will also provide each member of your congregation who has access to the Internet with a Free E-mail Account. We can also set up your own Domain Name on our Network at low cost. For more details call or write us via snail mail, or you may e-mail your request to garcia@church-of-christ.org

Please note that the money you send to pay for your web site is used to keep Internet Ministries on-line, and to financially support the evangelistic efforts of Silbano Garcia, II. in Crystal City, Texas located in the second poorest county in the state of Texas and ninth poorest county in the United States near the Mexican border. To learn more about Brother Garcia's soul winning efforts in Crystal City and the rest of the world visit the following web sites: http://church-of-christ.org/CrystalCity/newsletter, http://church-of-christ.org/IM.html, and http://church-of-christ.org

You may direct your comments to: garcia@church-of-christ.org

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