Fishing with a 21st Century Net
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Internet Ministries was founded on May 1, 1995. Internet Ministries provides many churches and countless numbers of Christians and lost souls information and literature regarding Christ and His church. The Word of God is made available to anyone on the Internet, and our online Bibles are being read by people in countries that prohibit the reading of the Holy Scriptures. We provide online Bibles in English, Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese. This includes a copy of the King James Version, the American Standard Version, and the Revised Standard Version. Online Bible Studies are provided for non-Christians and Christians. Our Online Bulletin Boards provide important information regarding news and announcements for all of the churches of Christ worldwide. 

Internet Ministries provides Worldwide Directories of the churches of Christ, Universal Membership of Christians, Schools and Academies, Universities, Bible Institutes and Schools of Preaching, Brotherhood publications and magazines, Christian bookstores, churches with web sites on the Internet, and a Missions Catalog of the churches of Christ.

A number of well known out reach ministries became known to the Internet Community via such as World Bible School, Roadmap Bible Series, Lads to Leaders, Lambert Book House, Project USA Today, World Christian Broadcasting, Words of Life Radio Ministry, Faulkner University, and many others.

Internet Ministries has donated web space to a number of congregations and ministries around the world who lack the funds needed to promote the Gospel of Christ on the Internet.  Lord willing Internet Ministries will continue its best to serve the churches of Christ and promote World Evangelism online.

Thank you for your prayerful support.